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Dog Bite Victims: Permanent Scars & Trauma

Humans think of dogs as harmless, even loyal, companions. And frequently, they are. But even a dog that has always been friendly before may attack viciously and without warning. Some dogs are also trained to attack and then poorly supervised by negligent owners. As a result, 47 million Americans seek treatment for dog bites each year; 6,000 are admitted to hospitals and about 17 die. And sadly, the vast majority of these preventable deaths are the deaths of children and the elderly.

Dog bite victims who live often live with fractures, permanent nerve damage, disfiguring scarring, infections and illnesses, even amputations.

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Dog Bites in South Carolina

Dogs attack by literally ripping and tearing victims’ flesh with their teeth, and by crushing bones with their powerful jaws. Because dogs’ teeth can puncture deep into a victim’s flesh, bites also put injury victims at serious risk of secondary infections such as rabies, cellulitis and tetanus. On adults, these wounds are most often found at the lower arms and legs, but children are at special risk for head and face injuries because of their shorter stature. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that 65 percent of dog bite victims aged four and under had head and neck wounds. Victims with significant bite wounds on their faces face the possibility of eye damage, permanent facial scarring, even brain damage.

For information about preventing and treating dog bites, please see information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,, and

In South Carolina, the law allows dog bite victims to hold owners liable for unprovoked dog attacks. That includes the dog’s first attack, and attacks that took place when the victim was lawfully on the dog owner’s property. South Carolina law also gives dog owners the legal duty to keep their dogs from running free, and the duty to keep a vicious or unruly dog restrained on their own property. Under any of these circumstances, victims and their families may sue the dog owner (and, often, his or her insurance company) for hospital bills, past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, wrongful death and other damages.

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