Herb Louthian

Attorney Herb Louthian

Attorney Herb LouthianSeeking truth. Securing justice. Herb Louthian has used these words as a guiding force throughout his five decades of law practice in South Carolina. From the moment you meet Herb, you understand that his fight for what’s right starts right then – and never stops.

“I like the excitement of the courtroom,” he says. “And I like the thrill of victory. I don’t care for the agony of defeat, I never learned to like losing and I never will.”

Herb is an experienced litigator focused on serious personal injury, medical malpractice, and construction accidents. In conference rooms and courtrooms, Herb battles because he believe in the rights and power of hardworking people. He believes you deserve more than a chance – you deserve a voice.

South Carolinians across the state have entrusted their legal concerns to Herb for over 50 years. But, Herb is not only passionate about helping client today – but invests himself in the making of tomorrow’s lawyers. As a professor of trial advocacy at the University of South Carolina, Herb instills those same guiding principles: Seeking Truth. Securing Justice.

“I love working with students and watching them grow professionally,” he says. “I take great satisfaction in seeing them transform from frightened novices to people with experience and confidence.”

For many of those students, some of the first practice they get is in Herb’s classroom, where courtroom role-playing is a staple.

“One thing I tell my students is that everybody has a different style,” Herb says. “There are lawyers that will wield a battle axe in the courtroom to whack the opposition to pieces. I prefer to use a scalpel.”

Those who have seen Herb try a case in court would agree. His style has been described as calm and composed.

“Some people get red in the face and pound the table, that’s not me,” he says.

The competitive aspect of law is what appeals to Herb the most.

His love of exciting ventures carries forward into his outside interests, which have included glider-plane flying, bungee jumping and skydiving. He also enjoys playing tennis, working out and keeping fit, reading, and traveling.