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South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer

Hands-On Help. Exceptional Results.

Since 1959, our primary goal is taking care of the needs of our personal injury and accident clients. Our attorneys handle each case on an individual basis and deal directly with our clients. When you retain our firm you will always speak directly with Bert & Herb Louthian. Don’t get lost in the shuffle with larger law firms. We are a Columbia, SC family-owned, family-focused law firm. Our accident attorneys assist clients across South Carolina, including Columbia, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, Charleston, Florence, Richland County, Orangeburg, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville and the coastal communities Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Call to speak with South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Bert or Herb today – for free: (803) 454-1200.


Seeking Truth. Securing Justice.

In conference rooms and courtrooms, our South Carolina personal injury lawyers do battle because we believe in the rights and power of hardworking people. We believe you deserve more than a chance – you deserve a voice. You deserve the truth. You deserve justice.


What Will It Cost?

It won’t cost you anything to discuss your injury lawsuit South Carolina personal injury lawyer a the Louthian Law Firm. In fact, you will never owe us a dime in attorney’s fees until you recover compensation on your claim. If we handle your case, our fee will be a set percentage of any money we obtain for you.

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Personal Injury Attorneys

A serious South Carolina personal injury accident can result in life-altering injuries that can leave you and your family overwhelmed. Our injury attorneys can address your questions and provide information about what compensation and resources are available for you.

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Vehicle Accidents

Our lawyers have represented injury accident victims in South Carolina since 1959. We can answer your questions about auto insurance, filing accident claims and what compensation may be available for you. Car Accidents can be complex – get help today.

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Workplace Injuries

Could the accident have been prevented? Our South Carolina attorneys investigate to determine the cause(s) of the work injury and identify all at-fault parties (employer negligence; defective equipment; third-party company, and others).

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Slip & Fall

Nothing to laugh at: Falls can result in serious injury including bone fractures and neck/spine injuries. Our personal injury lawyers investigate claims of property negligence, poorly designed public areas, sidewalk dangers and other causes of trips and falls.



Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Settlement of a Wrongful Death Claim.



South Carolina Fatality Attorney
Settlement of a Wrongful Death Claim



Medical Malpractice Lawyers
Settlement of a Medical Malpractice Claim



Personal Injury Attorney
Settlement of a Construction Litigation Case

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10 Reasons to Choose Us


  1. 80 years of experience – on your side. The South Carolina personal injury lawyers at the Louthian Law Firm have more than eight decades of combined legal experience helping regular people in South Carolina get the justice they deserve from our legal system. Our experience can work to your advantage.
  2. We put clients first. At the Louthian Law Firm, our focus is on you, our client. We are committed to treating each of our clients with courtesy, respect and compassion – regardless of the size of their personal injury case. This dedication to client service is spelled out in our Client Bill of Rights.
  3. When life goes wrong, we fight for what’s right. If you are seeking the assistance of a South Carolina personal injury lawyer, it is almost certainly because you are facing the aftermath of a traumatic life event. Our role as attorneys is to take away your worries about dealing with the legal issues related to your accident. Let our experienced legal professionals handle your case while you focus on what is most important – your health, your family and your life.
  1. Reasoned advice from seasoned professionals. Sound advice is one of the most valuable benefits an attorney can provide. In fact, that’s why the term “counselor” is often applied to lawyers. At the Louthian Law Firm, our attorneys have accumulated decades of experience in the legal field, giving us the perspective necessary to provide you with valuable guidance.
  2. Listening hard. Working harder. Unfortunately, many accident victims get frustrated because they feel like no one will listen to them. That doesn’t happen at the Louthian Law Firm. We want to hear your story because we are on your side. A full understanding of what happened to you and what’s important to you helps us fight for your right to the justice you deserve.
  3. Hands-on help. Exceptional results. You need a South Carolina personal injury lawyer who will work with you one-on-one to help you get results. Our personal injury lawyers are very proud of our track record of securing favorable settlements and verdicts for our South Carolina clients. You can find out more about them on our Representative Cases page.

At the Louthian Law Firm, we are proud to offer resources that educate and entertain current and potential clients. The Louthian Law Firm blog provides us the opportunity to engage with our community and keep readers informed about issues relevant to our practice.

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