Consumer Protection

About Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is a catchall term for the area of the law that makes it illegal to take advantage of a buyer, through lies, trickery, implied threats or other immoral and illegal practices. State and federal law requires that anything offered for sale must be safe; in the case of medicines, it must also be effective. Charges made to your credit card must be authorized, even if you have done business with the company before. The law gives consumers a chance to fight unfair and illegal practices in the civil courts, and sometimes allows criminal penalties as well.

If you or someone you care about has been harmed by a defective product or unfair business practice, contact a South Carolina consumer protection lawyer today at Toll free at (803) 454-1200. for a free evaluation of your case.

What are Consumers Protected From?

Situations that could fall under the category of consumer protection include:

  • Defective products
  • Identity theft
  • Unnecessary services (such as auto shop scams)
  • False charities
  • “Snake oil” — medicines or supplements that don’t work as advertised
  • Investment or work-from-home scams

Both the State of South Carolina and the federal government have set up agencies to help consumers make good choices and complain about deceptive practices. The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs and the Federal Trade Commission maintain Web sites on that subject, and the private Better Business Bureau has chapters throughout the United States, including several in South Carolina. Consumers may also look for recalled products at the Consumer Product Safety Commission, recalled autos and auto parts at, and food and drug recalls at the FDA Web site.

Unfair Business Practices

The law should protect consumers from most unfair business practices — but in reality, it often does not. Before they know it, consumers can lose their savings and homes, or be seriously hurt by a defective product. If you or someone you care about has been seriously injured — physically or financially — by a deceptive product or service, you probably have a consumer protection lawsuit. Depending on the situation, you could recover money to cover your losses, medical bills and other costs, as well as stop the dishonest party from scamming other trusting people. But the statute of limitations may be short, because it often starts when the deceptive transaction took place, rather than when you discovered the harm. To protect your access to the courts, you should speak with a consumer protection attorney at the Louthian Law Firm as soon as possible.

Consumer Protection Lawyer

The Louthian Law Firm has served injured South Carolinians since 1959. We have won millions for our clients and are committed to protecting consumers’ right to a fair and honest marketplace. And because we know victims are often stretched thin financially, we always offer free consultations to potential clients. To speak with an experienced consumer protection attorney today, call us at toll free at (803) 454-1200. or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form.