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When using a defective product, consumers run the risk of injury. But the injuries from use of an unsafe product can lead to many different kinds of damages. If you’ve been injured, let a product liability lawyer in Columbia review your case for free. 

When an unsafe product causes harm, the impacted consumers can take action against the responsible parties. Getting compensated for your damages can be challenging—which is why you may need the help of an experienced Columbia product liability lawyer who can help you secure the personal injury settlement you need. 

Types of Product Defects

Filing a product liability claim against the party responsible for your damages could help you and your loved ones to get financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. 

This is because products that go to market are expected to be reasonably safe, and the people who make and sell them could be found liable for your injuries when the correct use of their product leaves you with injuries. 

Despite testing and regulation, unsafe products are manufactured, sold, and used all around the country every year. 

But not all products are defective in the same ways. In general, when a plaintiff brings a product liability claim, they allege that the product in question is defective in one or more of the following ways:

  • Deficient Design – Some products are bound to cause problems from the start because they were always lacking in a good and safe product design. When the design of a product is defective or deficient, it could be because the company was attempting to make the product as cheaply as possible. Normally, manufacturers are held responsible for defective design.
  • Defective Production – In another frequent scenario, a product might have a sound design, but it’s simply assembled or put together in a way that poses risks to consumers. Again, these deficiencies could be related to cost-cutting measures. They could also point to quality-control issues with the product or inadequate testing. 
  • Defective Marketing – Although we tend to think of marketing in terms of publicity and branding, the meaning is slightly different when it deals with product liability. Simply put, a product has defective marketing when it lacks safety instructions or clear warnings guiding safe use of the product. 

What Are Examples of Defective Products?

In theory, product liability cases could sprout from any issue with a defective consumer product. Product liability is an issue in any industry that does business in consumer products. 

Some common examples of defective products that can be seen in product liability cases include:

  • Auto/truck parts
  • Heavy equipment
  • Recreational products
  • Domestic appliances and tools
  • Children’s toys
  • Medical supplies and devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer-use chemical products, such as sprays and aerosols 

Getting Compensated for Your Defective Product Injuries

Questions of liability, negligence, and actual damages tend to be hotly contested in product liability claims. It’s common for plaintiffs in these cases to retain the services of an attorney, who in turn may bring on additional experts, such as product or consumer scientists, who can help build their case. 

Getting a company to forfeit profits in a product liability claim can be difficult; victims of a defective product rarely have the knowledge and stamina required to build a strong case. The experience can be quite isolating. 

Fortunately, you are not alone—an experienced product liability lawyer can help you increase your odds of securing the compensation you deserve. 

Discuss Your Case with a Defective Product Lawyer

When you’ve been injured by a defective product, don’t let your opportunity to recover a settlement pass you by. At Louthian Law Firm, P.A., we have the knowledge and experience you need to take your product liability claim on with confidence and restore your life. 

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