A motorcycle accident can prove life-changing, and a victim may never completely recover. They could face permanent disability, debt, and other damages. However, the victim can recover some compensation and closure by filing a claim and holding the responsible party accountable. A Columbia motorcycle accident lawyer can help you or your injured loved one with all the legal tasks connected to your case. As a personal injury firm, Louthian Law Firm, P.A. has a great deal of knowledge of motorcycle accident law. After decades of legal practice, we know how to go after results for you. Contact us today for a free consultation. We can tell you exactly how our firm’s Columbia motorcycle accident lawyers could help you recover your damages.

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Your Injuries Are Severe

Motorcycles don’t offer the same protection a car or truck can. Because of that, motorcycle accident injuries are often very serious, and can turn deadly fast. Remember to always wear a helmet and protective gear while riding.

Insurers Are For-Profit Businesses

Your insurance company should cover all the ways the accident has negatively affected your life, but they may be more focused on their bottom line and profits for their shareholders. That can leave you struggling with expensive bills for treatment and property repairs.

Motorcyclists Face Harsh Stereotypes

Dangerous bikers and careless riders have given other motorcyclists a bad reputation. You may have trouble getting funds because of these unfair ideas about motorcyclists.

What Sets Our Team Apart From Other Columbia Personal Injury Firms?

There are many injury firms in Columbia that serve victims of car and motorcycle accidents, but they may not offer the same level of personalized client service or legal experience as our firm. We are dedicated to providing top quality representation and personalized service to our clients, whether they have been involved in a car or motorcycle accident.

Some of the many qualities that distinguish us from other personal injury firms include the following:

Columbia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We’re a Family Business

Since we’re a family-owned law firm, we can offer a personal experience you won’t find with many other firms. We’ll treat you like family. We’re also able to empathize with you and your loved ones. We understand the challenges everyone faces, so we know how to help you relieve your emotional and financial burdens.

Columbia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We Have Decades of Experience

With over 80 years of combined professional experience in personal injury law, our legal team knows how to handle a motorcycle accident case like yours. We also know how to handle insurance companies. By keeping the insurer in check, we’ll keep it honest and willing to negotiate a fair settlement.

We also have years of experience litigating cases. We can take your case to court and represent you there if the insurer isn’t willing to negotiate fairly.

Columbia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We Produce Excellent Results

We’re proud of our past clients’ approval and many favorable case results, including a six-figure settlement for a motorcycle accident victim.

These results indicate our dedication to our clients and achieving a fair outcome for them. We will use our experience to seek the best possible outcome for you, too.

Columbia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We Work on Contingency With Free Consultations

You won’t pay us anything unless we successfully get results in your case, and you won’t even pay for your initial consultation with our firm. Many firms charge by the hour, but we don’t. So, we may prove more affordable for you than other firms.


What You Should Do After Your Columbia Motorcycle Accident?

After your accident, you or your family should:

Get the Medical Attention You Require

Your accident may have been very recent. If so, and if you haven’t sought medical attention yet, go see a medical professional immediately. Even if you feel fine, you should see a professional. You might have injuries that could worsen if you do not seek treatment.

Seeing a medical professional quickly may also prove important for your case and claim. The insurance company may need to see that you treated your injuries immediately and didn’t let them worsen.

Report the Accident Right Away

You’ll also have to report your accident to the authorities, which can prove crucial for legal reasons and your claim. Also, after you report your accident and injuries, the authorities will write up a police report you can use as invaluable evidence for your claim.

One of our firm’s attorneys can help you report your accident and add the report to a portfolio of evidence for your case.

Contact Our Columbia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys as Soon as Possible

Once you have met your immediate needs, you should connect with our firm to learn more about legal representation and your options for seeking financial compensation. The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner your attorney can get to work on your case.

Additionally, acting promptly for your case can allow your attorney to preserve certain forms of time-sensitive evidence, such as witness statements.

Columbia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

What Your Columbia Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Do for You?

Managing a legal case on your own may prove difficult. It requires knowing how motorcycle accident law, personal injury law, and the legal process all work and how insurance companies and courts operate. However, instead of managing your legal action yourself, you can let our Columbia motorcycle accident attorneys handle it while you focus on other matters.

Meeting the Deadline for a Lawsuit or Potential Suit

Per South Carolina law, filing deadlines dictate your time to file personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death suits. Your Columbia motorcycle accident attorney can help you meet the deadline, should you want to file a lawsuit or keep the option of filing a suit open. A lawsuit may become your best option at a certain point in your case.

According to South Carolina Law, you have three years from the date of an incident or from the date of losing a loved one to sue.

Fighting for Your Rights

Your lawyer can fight for your rights, including your right to compensation. The other driver or the insurance company may not respect your rights and may devalue your case, but your lawyer can prevent that from happening. You also have the right to seek a court verdict, so your lawyer can fight hard for a fair outcome if your case goes to court.

Additionally, you have the right to refuse the insurer’s settlement offer and continue negotiating. You can start exercising that right today.

  • Collect evidence:

    You’ll need evidence to support your claim or lawsuit. Evidence could include your medical bills and receipts, the police report for your accident, any traffic camera footage of the accident, dashboard camera footage, witness cell phone footage or photos, video or photos of the accident scene, and more.

  • Corroborate your evidence:

    You’ll need evidence to support your case. For example, witness testimony can back up cell phone footage, and a doctor’s written statement can bolster your medical bills. Your lawyer can get corroborating evidence from multiple sources.

  • List and evaluate your damages:

    You don’t have to assess your damages on your own. You can leave that up to your lawyer. Your lawyer can help you determine your damages and evaluate them fairly for the insurer.

  • Negotiate with the insurer:

    As for-profit businesses, insurance companies want to protect their profits, not you. An insurer might fight to lower your payout, but your lawyer has persuasive tactics to help settle your case fairly.

  • Litigate your case:

    Some insurers just don’t cooperate in good faith. If the insurer doesn’t cooperate with your lawyer, your lawyer won’t hesitate to take the case to court. We can resolve your case with a judge and jury instead.


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With our decades of experience, we know how to pursue your (or your loved one’s) damages. One of our lawyers can take over your entire case and then fight on your behalf for a fair settlement or court verdict. We won’t hesitate to take your case to court if it helps us obtain your damages. Also, since our team works on contingency, you won’t pay us unless we deliver results.

We offer free consultations with no obligation involved. During your consultation, we’ll help you understand your case better and how you could proceed with it. Afterward, if you decide to hire one of our Columbia motorcycle accident lawyers, you can rely on them to support you throughout your case—and they’ll treat you like family, too.

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In Columbia, motorcycle accidents happen regularly. However, that doesn’t mean that the financial recovery process is straightforward.

Consider our answer to common questions about motorcycle accidents and seeking legal counsel in Columbia:

What Kinds of Injuries Could Qualify for Legal Action in Columbia Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcyclists can face serious harm on the road. Often, they suffer injuries like road rash, leg injuries, biker’s arm, muscle damage, and neck/head injuries. They can also suffer serious injuries, such as spinal injuries and brain damage. You could qualify to seek compensation if you suffered injuries and damages like medical bills or lost income.

How Long Does the Insurance Settlement Process Take?

Recovering compensation could take time. However, our firm's motorcycle crash lawyers will do everything they can to keep your case moving quickly.

Why Should You Hire a Columbia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Consider all of the tasks involved in managing a case. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can handle those tasks while you focus on your recovery and your family. That alone could make hiring a lawyer worth it. The lawyers from our firm work on contingency, which means your lawyer can serve you at no charge unless they recover compensation for you. Once you win your case, your attorney simply collects a fee out of the compensation amount. This should make hiring an attorney very affordable for you.


In the wake of a motorcycle accident, negligence matters. If you are found partially at fault for your injuries, your compensation can be reduced. That means your medical bills and other costs may not be completely covered. Talk to a lawyer about gathering evidence to protect yourself from being assigned a portion of fault.


Victims of Columbia motorcycle accidents may be concerned about the costs of hiring a lawyer. The cost of repairs to your vehicle and medical treatment may be weighing on you, so what about the costs of a lawyer? Luckily, your financial risk is zero. We work on contingency fees, which means we’re paid a portion of what you earn through the success of your claim. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

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