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In some industries, worker injuries are frequent events. This is no truer than in the construction industry. However, if you’ve been injured on the job or on a construction site, a construction accident lawyer in Columbia can help outline your options for recovery. 

It can happen to anyone, from the eager rookie to the seasoned construction-industry vet—out of nowhere, a devastating industry. All it takes is one one misstep, one poorly situated tool, or one defective piece of equipment. For many victims, now overwhelmed by lost income and surging bills, the road ahead can appear bleak. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you’re working on a workers compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit, a Columbia construction accident lawyer from Louthian Law Firm, P.A. can help you get your life back. 

Common Construction Accident Injuries

Fewer industries pose more inherent risks to their workers than the construction industry. That being said, the nature of the job is no excuse for the responsible parties to hide behind. When workers suffer an injury and fail to recover compensation, it’s an injustice to all workers—and can leave the impacted workers and their families in a world of hurt. 

Just consider some of the injuries that impact construction workers every year:

When you suffer any of the above or similar injuries on the job, the difficulties go beyond your injuries alone. Time away from the job means lost income at a time when you’re dealing with medical bills and other expenses. The emotional toll and post-traumatic stress from your accident might also be impacting your life. 

The good news is that you may be entitled to financial remedies, whether through the state workers compensation system or a third-party lawsuit. 

Workers Compensation or Personal Injury Lawsuit? What Works for You

South Carolina requires virtually all employers in the construction industry and other industries to purchase workers compensation insurance. This system has both its pros and cons. 

The good news is that you don’t need to prove fault in order to win a workers compensation claim. The bad news is that workers compensation doesn’t cover your non-economic damages, like pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Finally, these claims can also be seemingly arbitrarily held up or denied, to the great frustration of the injured worker. 

Another option is filing a third-party personal injury lawsuit. The workers compensation system generally shields your employer from civil liability for your injuries, but other parties, such as independent contractors or parts suppliers, can still be held responsible for their roles in your injuries. 

Navigating the plethora of legal options and benefits can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone someone dealing with the impact of an injury. At Louthian Law Firm, P.A., we take care to help our clients fight for the compensation they deserve after a construction accident. 

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Have you been injured on the job? Don’t miss the opportunity to recover the financial compensation you and your family need during this difficult time. Let a Columbia construction accident lawyer from Louthian Law Firm P.A. review your claim for free right away. 

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