Car Rollover Accidents

Some Cars are at Higher Risk for Rollovers

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs), minivans, vans, pickups and other light trucks have become very popular for personal and family transportation. Many owners perceive them to be safe because of their size. Unfortunately, these vehicles are not as safe as you might expect. SUVs, minivans and pickups are far more likely to be involved in rollover accidents than passenger cars due to their higher center of gravity. That factor, combined with a relatively short wheelbase, makes SUVs vulnerable to tipping over in a severe maneuver, such as an emergency lane change. The South Carolina rollover accident lawyers at the Louthian Law Firm can help you recover the compensation you deserve if you have been hurt in this type of wreck.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 9,000 rollovers occur per year in fatal crashes, or 20 percent of the vehicle crash total. In 2009 in South Carolina, 92 people were killed and 1,941 people were injured in 2,532 crashes where a rollover was considered to be the first harmful event in the crash, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.

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About Vehicle Rollover Lawsuits

Any number of factors can contribute to an SUV accident or a vehicle rollover, including faulty tires resulting in tire separation or defective design of the vehicle itself. Weather and road conditions can play a role, as can driver error. But when the SUV or other vehicle is inherently unstable by design, or when safety stabilization systems are not used, SUV rollover accident injuries may give rise to a legal claim against the car maker.

The rollover event itself can be caused by poor stability design, tire failures, including tire tread separation and defects or a poorly designed suspension system. The resulting fatalities and injuries may stem from these factors:

  • Weak roof supports that crush or collapse when the SUV flips
  • Weak, faulty, ill-fitting or insufficient seatbelts or buckles
  • Poor design or failure of passenger seats and headrests

Many SUV manufacturers have attempted to compensate for the instability of SUVs and pickups by installing electronic stability control (ESC) to prevent deadly accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that ESC has the potential to prevent 64 percent of passenger car rollovers and 85 percent of SUV rollovers in single-vehicle crashes. This safety device became mandatory equipment in all 2012 models but many vehicles on the road lack this safety feature.

If you have been involved in a rollover accident, you may not know exactly what caused it, and you may even feel that it is your fault. The rollover accident lawyers at the Louthian Law Firm will help you find out what happened. We’ll explain your legal options, and if we believe a case is warranted, we’ll seek to hold any negligent parties liable for the injuries they have caused. It is your legal right to ask a negligent auto manufacturer for money to cover your medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering and any permanent disability or loss.

Even if a rollover accident is not fatal, injuries sustained in a rollover crash can be incapacitating. If the auto accident happened because of defective design or faulty manufacturing, then the car company or seller may be held responsible.

Don’t delay in contacting us to discuss your rollover accident. South Carolina laws regarding traffic accidents can be complex — and you have a narrow timeframe for filing legal action. It is also important to investigate the car accident while evidence is still available and while the event is fresh in your mind and in the memories of any witnesses.

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