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If you’ve been injured in a Columbia bicycle accident, your lawyer will doggedly pursue the compensation you deserve. Reach out for help overcoming the losses you suffered.

A bicycle is an easy way to commute or travel around busy districts of the city, where parking may be sparse. Unfortunately, bikes can also be difficult for drivers to see, especially if they’re not focused on the road. 

If you’ve been hurt because of a driver or other careless party, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. With the help of a Columbia bicycle accident lawyer, you can seek compensation for the suffering you experienced. Reach out to the lawyers at Louthian Law Firm, P.A. for guidance. 

Who’s Liable for a Columbia Bicycle Accident? 

Whether you have your own bike or you’re participating in a Columbia bike share, sharing the road as a bicyclist can be scary and even dangerous. Although many areas have bike lanes, you may have to bike on the road, which can be risky. 

If you were struck by a car during your bicycle ride, the driver may be at fault for your injuries. They failed to look out for others on the road and caused your accident. They may have hit you while in motion, or they may have hurt you by striking you with a door while you were passing. 

In other cases, unsafe road conditions may have caused your injuries. A pothole, for example, may have caused you to lose control of the bicycle. The South Carolina Department of Transportation may be responsible for any injuries caused by unsafe roads. 

South Carolina Laws Impacting Your Bicycle Accident 

After a Columbia bicycle accident, you may need help getting compensated fairly for your injuries. A mistake in court can lead to your compensation being reduced or dismissed. Because of this, you need to know the laws that could affect your claim before you file. 

First, you only have a limited time to act on your claim. If you don’t file within three years of the accident, your claim could be dismissed. That leaves you without compensation for your injuries. 

You can also lose compensation if you’re found partly at fault for the accident. Without a bicycle accident lawyer to fight for your justice, the at-fault party may claim you were partly to blame for your injuries. You may lose a part or all your compensation if you don’t prove you weren’t acting carelessly. 

Am I Eligible for Compensation After a Columbia Bike Accident? 

When you’re hurt in a Columbia bicycle accident, it can be difficult to overcome your losses, expenses, and suffering. All these hardships, both economic and non-economic, can impact your life. Worse, it’s easy to underestimate your needs and seek less compensation than you’re due. 

Worried about getting fairly compensated? Talk to your bicycle accident lawyer about the following damages and more for your fair settlement: 

  • Medical costs 
  • Household accommodations, like stair railings
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Emotional trauma

Get Help from a Columbia Bicycle Crash Lawyer

When a bicycle ride goes wrong, you may need help recovering from the injuries and the suffering you experienced. Luckily, your Columbia bicycle accident lawyer is here to help. 

Get started with a free consultation, and the lawyers at Louthian Law Firm, P.A. can help you identify the at-fault party, pursue compensation, and recover from your suffering. Reach out for help by calling 803-454-1200 or by filling out the following online contact form. 

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