Breanne Clough, Paralegal

If you’ve called or come by our office any time in the last three years, you’ve probably been welcomed by our paralegal, Breanne Clough. We’re fortunate to have her on our team and thought you’d like to know more about her. Here’s the inside story.

Breanne Clough

Breanne works closely with clients, answering their questions and updating them on the status of their case. When describing her job, Breanne said, “Overall, I just try to make clients feel comfortable, informed, and reassure them that they are in good hands with the Louthian Law Firm.” She says she enjoys meeting new clients and getting to know them personally. Breanne joins the rest of us in the firm in getting satisfaction from helping people. “It’s a great feeling when a case settles and a client tells you how much they appreciate your help,” she stated.

Breanne has a combination of skills and abilities that is important for a personal injury law firm, including a great deal of compassion. “After someone has been through a traumatic experience,” she explained, “they need comfort and reassurance. I am happy to help our clients in any way that I can so that they don’t have to stress about their situation and they can fully recover from their injuries.” Another of Breanne’s strong points is her organizational ability. She really is the key to the smooth operation of our office.

We admire and enjoy Breanne. Here’s what she had to say about us: “Mr. (Herb) Louthian is very calm and composed. Bert is very meticulous and energetic. They are both pretty easy going, which makes the work environment very comfortable. We get a lot of work done, but we also have fun.” Amen to that.

We asked Breanne to tell us about one of the firm’s most memorable cases in her experience. She recounted the story of a client who was shopping in a clothing store at a local shopping center. A driver lost control of her car, ran over the sidewalk and through the wall of the store, seriously injuring our client. Breanne recalled, “We were able to obtain a settlement on behalf of our client with the driver’s insurance company as well as with the corporate owner of the shopping center for failing to have safeguards in place to prevent such occurrences.”

All of us at Louthian Law work hard, but we all find ways to relax and enjoy life outside the office. Breanne says she enjoys exercising because “it’s a great stress reliever.” She also likes to discover bargains at thrift stores, read books and watch documentaries.

We appreciate all Breanne does to help us successfully help others, and we know you will too.