Like to Walk in Greenville? You’re in Danger

It seems as if few people want to walk any more, even if the distance is a few short blocks. Instead, we often get in our cars and drive. It might even take us longer to back the car out of the garage than it does to reach our destination. We do this despite all the research indicating that walks are incredibly good for our health.

However, in Greenville, SC, and in Greenville County, walks are most definitely hazardous to your health, especially if you intend to cross White Horse Road in Greenville.

Focus on: White Horse Road

Earlier in 2017, five pedestrians died within a five-mile radius of Greenville over only a 14-day time span. One of those victims was Derek L. Jackson, who attempted to cross White Horse Road and who died on March 17. Only two weeks before, on March 3, Bobbie G. Hudgens was killed while crossing White Horse. Both of these persons were struck by vehicles.

Altogether, there have been 14 pedestrian deaths along White Horse Road in recent history:

  • 2012 had 1
  • 2013 had 3
  • 2014 had 2
  • 2015 had 2
  • 2016 had 4.

In 2017, we’ve already had 4 deaths and the year is barely half over. The most recent pedestrian tragedy on White Horse Road occurred June 17, 2017. Stephen Ray Brown, 66 years old, was hit by a Chevy Trailblazer in the 1700 block shortly after midnight.

It looks like the beginning of a distressing trend. What is going on?

The Problems

Believe it or not, the problems do not appear to be jaywalking. Instead, it looks as if a myriad of situations contribute to the difficulty of crossing White Horse Road. Basically, the road is unsafe for pedestrians: it’s a six-lane highway with few crosswalks and sparse street lighting. Other contributing factors include the lack of public transportation and an increase in the number of persons living near the road who are too poor to afford vehicles. Often, they are forced to rely on their own feet to get to work or to a store.

While there has been an increase in enforcement by the South Carolina Highway Patrol to make drivers slow down and pay attention, what is really needed are more crosswalks and better lighting. Much of White Horse Road is dark, but adding lighting isn’t easy. So far, SCDOT is pushing neighborhoods to pay for their own street lights by creating a special tax district.

What’s Being Done

In an effort to save lives, an activist group called Freedom Fighters is giving pedestrians reflective vests to make them more visible. Some community groups are also advocating for road improvements along White Horse Road, also known as U.S. 25, by spotlighting the lack of crosswalks and street lights.

White Horse Road is a heavily-traveled thoroughfare. Daily traffic counts average as high as 36,800 vehicles driving from I-85 to Anderson Road. Until the situation is improved, pedestrians are urged to take extreme care if they must cross White Horse Road. The SC Highway Patrol spokesman Joel Hovis encourages pedestrians walking at night to:

  • Wear light-colored or white clothing
  • Wear reflective clothing
  • Wear shoes with reflectors
  • Wear a clip-on light that flashes, if possible.

We at the Louthian Law Firm urge you to do everything you can to avoid becoming an unfortunate statistic.

Justice. Delivered.

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