Linda Hawkins (Sumter, S.C.)

Linda Hawkins

On behalf of my family and me, I would like to commend Bert Louthian and his firm for the exemplary handling of our recent wrongful death suit against a county whose employee was responsible for the death of my husband. Bert and his associates were successful in getting our family the maximum award allowed by law. More importantly, he did so while treating us like individuals and not as dollar signs for his firm. No one in my family had ever before been involved in such a situation. This was a very emotional time for us. We were coping with the loss of our loved one as well as the stress of attempting to right a wrong. We could never have achieved this alone. We were unfamiliar with what could or should be done, and during the course of litigation, we had many questions. Bert always accepted our calls with understanding and answered our questions in a timely manner. He never made us feel we were a bother or an unnecessary burden on his work load or on that of his staff. He treated us with compassion and with dignity. He continues to advise us as to our remaining rights even though our case has been settled. I did not know Bert before this incident. I therefore feel certain that he treats all his clients with similar concern and care.