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At the Louthian Law Firm, we enjoy providing blogs for you to read. Why? Because blogs often communicate just the right amount of information for the topic in question. Timely news stories can be written and posted quickly because of the content length and demands.

Many folks greatly enjoy blogs. If you are new to our blog pages, or if you have time limitations that previously prevented you from reading all the pages that looked interesting, or if you are simply wondering whether your favorite article resonated with a lot of other people,  you should consider taking a look at our 2016 blog summaries.

The Categories for the Top 2016 Blogs

Types of topics that readers found interesting can be revealing. On our site, the most-read blogs fell into one of four categories:

  • Nursing homes: 3 blogs
  • Vehicle accidents and related automotive tech: 2 blogs
  • Product injuries: 2 blogs
  • General personal injury (Zika virus liability and bullying liability): 2 blogs.

Because of the areas in which we generally practice, it’s not a coincidence that certain topics might appeal to our readers. If you find yourself drawn to particular subjects or themes, perhaps it is because you have an ongoing concern in the back of your mind. If so, we might be able to help you. Consider the following examples:

  • A loved one in a nursing home or long-term care situation experiences abuse or highly negligent treatment (or lack of treatment).
  • You or your family were involved in a vehicular accident that was caused by the negligence of another, especially if it involved drugs, alcohol, or the use of tech items (such as a cell phone) while driving.
  • You or a loved one experienced a serious injury (or, regrettably, a death) because of a defective product you used properly.

If you think you have a case that resembles a situation listed above, we hope you’ll explore your legal options with us.

The Top Blogs of 2016

Without further ado, here are the blogs that drew the most attention in 2016. We think you’ll enjoy them.

  1. New Developments with the Zika Virus. Our most-viewed blog piece was about the Zika virus, a frightening development in the infectious diseases world. The biggest worry is the number of birth defects resulting from it, and the virus’s geographic spread.
  2. Vietnam Veteran Drowns in Puddle Outside Nursing Home. After two strokes, he was left outside, alone, in a wheelchair during Hurricane Matthew—and drowned. We discuss nursing home problems and a lack of accountability.
  3. E-Cigarette Battery Explosions Appear to be Increasing. Battery explosions and battery fires were in the news a great deal during 2016. The hazards of e-cigarettes are largely centered on the batteries used, with the toll growing larger.
  4. Bullying Hurts Kids and Damages Lives. It’s not good that South Carolina is on a top ten list with regard to bullying. But did you realize our state has anti-bullying laws that also cover cyberbullying?
  5. Keyless Ignitions: Boon or Bane? Keyless ignitions, or push-button starting of vehicles, are seen by many as cool. But you may not realize they have some risks, with deaths associated with them.
  6. The Snapchat Lawsuit. Even if you have no idea what Snapchat is, you should read this article to find out its hazards with regard to driving. It’s especially important to read this if you have a teenager in your life that drives.
  7. The Dangers of… Talcum Powder? The year 2016 saw three big lawsuits with equally big awards that concerned links between long-term talcum powder use by women and ovarian cancer. A must-read if you regularly use talc.
  8. Arbitration Agreements and Nursing Homes. Agreeing to arbitration essentially means that you waive your rights to a day in court. More nursing homes are requiring people to waive their rights and agree to arbitration before the home will admit them. What happens then?
  9. We Can Learn Much from Elder Abuse Statistics. You can learn more about the signs of elder abuse, and digest some sobering statistics, by reading this blog post from August of 2016.

Updates to Selected 2016 Blogs

Some topics have gone through factual updates since their related blogs were first researched and written. The subjects with the most substantial changes are:

  • Talcum powder and cancer. This area is one in which we continue to be heavily involved and devoted to informing you of changes. The most recent large study of the links between ovarian cancer and talc, with its results published in May, 2016, concluded that links exist, presenting “a good case for talc carcinogenicity,” as the authors of the study noted. The issue of talcum powder and its connections to ovarian cancer is an ongoing concern to us.
  • Exploding batteries in e-cigarettes. Problems with e-cigarettes continue to make the news. In recent years, over 50 people have been injured in 134 cases. Additionally, 67 incidents damaged property apart from the e-cigarette apparatus. The FDA has announced that a public workshop to obtain further information and discuss the issues will be held in April, 2017. We continue to cover this important health issue for you.
  • Nursing home arbitration laws. At the time of our top ten blog post about nursing home arbitration clauses in contracts as a requirement for admission to the facility, there was no law or rule prohibiting them. In September, 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) came up with a new rule that banned the arbitration clause if the nursing home or facility wanted to continue receiving Medicare and Medicaid funding. However, in October, 2016, a suit was successfully brought against the CMS that stayed the implementation of the new rule. Arbitration clauses mean that you forfeit your right to a court trial, even in the cases of the most egregious abuse. We plan to follow this developing story.
  • The Zika virus. By early 2017, South Carolina state officials had expressed the belief that, though Zika will eventually show up here, they are not overly concerned because of the chilly winters that will tend to kill off the mosquitoes that carry the virus. Still, if you are pregnant or a woman of childbearing age, you should be aware that Zika has been found in Texas and Florida. Florida has experienced 97 percent of the cases, with 213 from 2015 to early 2017. If you travel to tropical areas, be aware that Zika is widespread, and take appropriate precautions.

No one more than us hopes that you never encounter life situations requiring you to engage our services. Should the need ever arise, however, we at the Louthian Law Firm stand ready to provide you with expert yet compassionate legal assistance.

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