Driving While Sick with Coronavirus: Is There an Accident Risk in Columbia, South Carolina?


With coronavirus cases surging across the U.S., there are increased concerns about people getting sick and spreading the virus. Another issue that is seldom discussed is the reality that as more people get sick, more people might be facing the dilemma of whether to drive themselves to the hospital or to call an ambulance. Others... Read More

A Driver and Her Passenger Both Die in a Single-Vehicle Wreck in South Carolina


A tragic accident occurred on a South Carolina roadway last week that claimed the lives of two young women. The State reported that 20-year-old Shakeria Harris and 21-year-old Brittany McQueen were driving on Weaver Road, just outside the Midlands when the incident occurred. Master Trooper Gary Miller of the South Carolina Highway Patrol says the... Read More

Families in South Carolina Grow Concerned After Nursing Homes Close Their Doors to Visitors


Nursing homes in South Carolina decided to close their doors to the public recently to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This has not only resulted in many residents feeling alone and helpless, but it has left many families without a way to physically check in on their aging relatives. While the updated... Read More

7-Year-Old SC Boy’s Estate Awarded $1.1 Million Settlement After He Died Following a Car Crash


A settlement agreement has finally been reached in the case involving 7-year-old Kavontea Devon Shuler who died following a car crash that occurred on December 8, 2018, in Orangeburg County, SC. Shuler had just attended a wedding where he served as a ring bearer. While Shuler’s mother left the wedding to attend the reception, she... Read More

Lawsuits Filed Against SC Truck Driver for Fatal Accident Allege He was Not Medically Qualified to Drive


Back in January 2020, two lawsuits were filed against a truck driver and his employer after he caused a collision that claimed the lives of two individuals. The lawsuits were filed in Horry County Court of Common Pleas and named the driver, James Tyrone Williams and his employer, Ferguson Enterprises, as defendants. The lawsuits stem... Read More

Hit-and-Run Driver Causes Major Accident and Delays on I-77 in Columbia, SC


The State of South Carolina requires that all drivers remain at the scene of an accident, especially when property damage and injuries are evident. Unfortunately, not all drivers abide by the law. Just last week, The State reported on a car collision that occurred on I-77 in Columbia. The source said that the incident occurred... Read More

Teen Driver in SC Placed in Medically Induced Coma After Drunk Driver Crashes into Him


Did you know that each day in the U.S., approximately 30 people are killed in drunk driving accidents? That number is significantly higher when we look at those who suffered injuries in alcohol-related crashes. While drivers are well aware of the dangers associated with driving while intoxicated, many still get behind the wheel of their... Read More

52 People Accused of Staging Uber-Hit-and-Run Accidents in Columbia, SC


An insurance company has filed a lawsuit in an effort to avoid having to pay more than $75,000 in claims after it says multiple people filed frivolous claims that stem from staged Uber accidents [Source: The State]. The suit was filed in federal court by James River Insurance and identifies 52 people who the company... Read More

What should I do if a doctor misdiagnoses my condition causing me to suffer from additional medical issues?


While we cannot expect our doctors to perform miracles or understand every single health condition that exists, we do expect them to properly diagnose a patient when obvious symptoms of a condition are present. Doctors, like all other health care professionals, undergo an extensive amount of training to ensure they are able to provide the... Read More