Is Substandard Care Contributing to the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus in Nursing Homes?

Some sources suggest it may be.

Health experts knew the COVID-19 virus would be detrimental to nursing homes if it found a way inside facilities and now that it has, many are wondering why it is spreading at such a rapid rate. Is it because most of the residents living in nursing homes are more susceptible to contracting the virus as most are above the age of 65 and/or suffer from underlying health conditions? Perhaps so, however, sources are suggesting that there may be additional factors that are helping the virus to “ravage” our nursing homes.

According to CNN, government records have revealed how “supply shortages, lapses in care, a lack of transparency, and inadequate infection control precautions are fueling the spread of COVID-19 within America’s nursing homes.” With fewer eyes watching nursing home operations, “government watchdogs say it is becoming easier for substandard care to go unchecked and for some facilities to keep dangerous secrets.”

Routine Health and Safety Inspections in Nursing Homes Suspended to Help Curb the Spread of COVID-19

Not only have nursing homes begun limiting who they allow to enter their facilities as the virus can easily spread from person to person, but CNN says that “routine health and safety inspections [were halted] by the federal government to protect against any additional exposure to workers and residents.” This means homes are being visited less frequently by those who are able to spot and address any areas of deficiency. Although fewer people are getting the opportunity to go inside nursing homes to see what the conditions are actually like, CNN says it was able to review more than 100 inspection reports from visits that are still taking place along with information gathered from state ombudsmen.

The source says it found “serious problems during this pandemic — including unacceptable care and failures to take steps to stem spreading infections.” CNN went a step further and even reached out to some family members of nursing home residents from four different states to get their take on the matter. The source said that all of the family members they spoke with said they have struggled to get their loved ones tested for the virus or even to receive updates on their conditions. Some even said that “facility officials had kept vital information from them.”

One woman recounted her experience with the nursing home her father lives in. She told CNN that after her father tested positive for COVID-19 and fell extremely ill, she had to call 911 herself just to get him admitted to the hospital. While frontline workers are commended for selflessly working through the COVID-19 pandemic, certain issues must not be ignored, including those involving a nursing home resident in Columbia, SC being abused or neglected.

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