Health Canada Issues Strong Warnings Over Chantix/Champix

Side effects of Pfizer’s stop-smoking drug, Champix (known as Chantix in the United States) has caused Health Canada to issue strong warnings, reports NewsInferno.

The warning was issued following concerns of mood changes, hostility, suicidal behavior, and sometimes fatal skin reactions in some patients taking the popular drug.  The drug must now carry a boxed warning about the serious safety issues.

Last year the U.S. FDA issued a similar warning saying psychiatric side effects seen among Chantix users at that time included 98 reports of suicide and 188 reports of attempted suicide.  Although there was speculation some psychiatric problems could have been from nicotine withdrawal, the FDA found many of the reported problems occurred while Chantix users were still smoking.

Pfizer still maintains the safety of Chantix/Campix claiming the serious effects are often seen in people who try to stop smoking, calling it nicotine withdrawal.  The controversy over the safety of Chantix continues, as do numerous lawsuits over Chantix’s association with psychiatric problems.

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