Firefighters Win Sexual Harassment Case

Four San Diego firefighters have won a $34,300 verdict in their sexual harassment suit against the city.

The firefighters alleged they were ordered to ride in a 2007 gay pride parade, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. The four firefighters claimed their supervisors ignored them when they said they did not want to be in the parade and that during the parade they were sexually harassed by both spectators and other participants.

The first trial in October asked for $1 million for each firefighter and led to a jury deadlock. No monetary specific figure was asked for in the second trial, but the four firefighters stated they wanted to make sure this would not happen again to others in the department. The policy was changed by the time of the 2008 event to state parades would be staffed by volunteers. The plaintiffs remain with the fire department.

The city will appeal the decision claiming the verdict “potentially affects the city’s ability to have its employees perform assigned duties.”

Sexual harassment
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