Factory Worker Killed in Machine Accident at Williamston

A manufacturing plant worker was killed February 12 when he fell into a metal stamping machine at a fabricating plant in Williamston.

The incident occurred at Stanco Metal Products, a metal stamping and fabricating company. The stamper was in operation when the 62-year-old worker fell into it. Preliminary reports indicate a safety device did not work properly to shut down the machine.

The victim died on the scene from a head injury. The workplace death is being investigated by the Anderson County coroner.

The federal government estimates that three million U.S. workers are at risk for machinery accidents when they clean, maintain, repair or unjam equipment.

This is from WCSC Live 5 News:

Coroner Greg Shore said Kendall R. Collier, of Piedmont, fell into a metal stamping machine that two coworkers were operating.

Shore said, “Our victim fell into the machine and it caused a traumatic head injury.”

Shore said the plant manager told him that the machine has a safety feature that should shut it down if something goes wrong, but it appears that the safety feature was not working at the time of the accident.

“There was a coworker also helping operate the machine, and right now we’re trying to determine why the safety features on the machine did not cause the machine to shut down with him being so close to it. There are sensors set up around the machine, so right now we’re waiting on OSHA to get here from Columbia to help us determine why that safety feature didn’t work,” Shore said.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 120 workers are killed annually and 50,000 are injured in machinery accidents that could have been prevented by stricter adherence to safety laws.


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