What to Do When Hit by an Uninsured Driver


Having an accident by an uninsured driver is a stressful situation that may leave you injured, confused, and unsure what to do next. You might think of getting compensation for the damage done or hiring a car accident attorney. But what if the other driver is uninsured? The process may be difficult. Insurance companies don’t... Read More

How Does Car Insurance Work in South Carolina?


South Carolina laws require all motorists to carry auto insurance. At a minimum, the insurance must cover bodily injury and property damage liability. But that doesn’t mean the insurance companies will always cover your accident appropriately. You may need help getting the coverage you’re due. As a driver in South Carolina, you must know and... Read More

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?


In a car accident, if another party is at fault, their insurer may reimburse your medical and hospital costs, as well as the cost of drugs, prostheses, and other medical devices. You may also be able to obtain reimbursement of your expenses with the help of other insurance, such as: Driver's insurance that covers your... Read More

What to Do if You Get Rear-Ended


Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accident in the U.S. Recent studies show that a full seven percent of fatal car wrecks are caused by drivers being rear-ended. For those lucky enough to survive, the pain comes in a different form—as $330 billion in property damage and nearly $40 billion... Read More

How to Report Nursing Home Abuse


Suspecting that a loved one has suffered through nursing home abuse can be painful. You’re worried about their safety and wellbeing, and you may be unsure where to turn. Who can help your family during this difficult time? There are resources available to families who need to report nursing home abuse, including the trusted lawyers... Read More

5 Reasons to Work with a Lawyer After a Car Accident


When you're hurt in a Columbia car accident, it can be tough to get compensated for your injuries. You're hurt, you're suffering, and you're unsure where to turn. You may be wondering if you need a lawyer. Your car accident attorney can make a difference when you're hurt and suffering after a crash. Below are... Read More

How to Report a Car Accident in South Carolina


When you’re hurt in a car accident, the only way to recover full compensation is to take all the right steps. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make a mistake or skip a step in the car accident process, leaving you with reduced compensation or none at all.  After getting medical attention, one of your first steps... Read More

What Are Economic Damages?


When you’re hurt, it can be tough to recover from your injuries and deal with the aftermath of your accident. Someone else may have caused the accident, but you’re the one stuck dealing with the aftermath. Unfortunately, that can be tough on you financially.  As a South Carolina injury victim, you may have grounds for... Read More

Is Columbia, South Carolina Next in Department of Justice Nursing Home Investigation?


According to the Washington Post, the Department of Justice has asked for information on COVID-19 infection rates in four states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The Department of Justice is investigating whether orders in these states might have resulted in the deaths of nursing home residents. Critics of the Department of Justice investigation... Read More