Anderson Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, the experience may have left you and your family devastated. Get your life back on track with assistance from an Anderson truck accident attorney.

While commercial trucks are great for hauling products and necessary items, their weight and size can cause a lot of damage in a truck accident. Anderson truck accident victims like you know firsthand how dangerous these vehicles can be. 

At Louthian Law Firm, P.A., we know a truck wreck can change your life in seconds. But your Anderson truck accident lawyer is here to help you get compensated and recover from the suffering you experienced. Talk to your lawyer when you’re hurt and struggling to overcome your losses. 

Truck Accidents Cause Serious Injuries 

When you’re hurt in an Anderson truck accident, you may have suffered more severe injuries than those suffered in the average car accident. Commercial trucks are several times heavier than the average car, which means the force of the impact is much greater. These trucks may also be carrying flammable or otherwise hazardous material that can worsen your injuries. 

Your injuries may include the following, among others: 

Liability for Anderson Truck Accidents

You know you’re hurt, but who’s responsible for those injuries? Who pays for your injuries and your suffering? 

In South Carolina, your truck accident claim may or may not be filed against the truck driver who hit you. In many cases, you may have grounds to sue the at-fault driver’s employer. Employers are responsible for the actions of their workers, so they may be liable for your injuries. 

But they’re not the only cause. For example, manufacturer error can lead to serious accidents, such as brake failure. Talk to your lawyer about identifying the at-fault manufacturer or other liable parties. 

Compensation for Anderson Truck Accident Victims

Once you know the at-fault party’s name, you may still not be ready to file a lawsuit. Instead, you may first need to discuss your economic and non-economic damages, or the costs and impacts caused by your truck accident. You may be due more compensation for these losses than you realize. 

Economic damages include the financial costs of your injuries. For example, if you have an extended hospital stay or can no longer work because of your injuries, your damages should reflect your bills and the lost earning capacity. 

But what about your non-economic damages? These damages include the intangible suffering you’ve experienced, such as emotional trauma and pain. If your injuries have left lasting mental and emotional scars, talk to your truck accident lawyer about getting compensated for these damages, too. 

Get Compensated with Help from a Truck Accident Lawyer in Anderson 

When you’re hurt in an Anderson truck accident, it can upend your whole life. You may have trouble recovering, and worse, the at-fault party may try to refuse to compensate you for your suffering and expenses. 

When this happens, the lawyers at Louthian Law Firm, P.A. are here to help. Your Anderson truck accident lawyer can start with a free consultation. During the consultation, we’ll discuss your claim and what we can do to help you succeed. We can handle the difficult parts of your claim so you can focus on healing. Call 803-454-1200 or fill out the following online contact form to learn more.