Five thousand new toys are placed on the market each year. While most of these are safe, some are not; the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 150,000 families visit emergency rooms annually because of a toy-related injury, and that choking is the leading cause of toy-related death.

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How Often are Toys Recalled?

Toys are recalled so often that the CPSC maintains a separate list of recall announcements just for toys (and another for hazardous children’s products). In South Carolina, unsafe toys are also regulated by the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs.

Potentially harmful toy defects include:

  • Small parts of toys and balloons that pose choking hazards.
  • Small parts that could lodge in a child’s nose or ears.
  • Sharp parts that could cut delicate baby skin.
  • Chemical poisoning hazards, especially lead poisoning, which leads to brain damage with chronic exposure.
  • Fire hazards from defective electrical systems.
  • Magnets that can be swallowed and then attract inside the body, tearing a child’s intestines.
  • Toys that make noises loud enough to damage hearing.
  • Toys that could fall apart while a child is sitting on or in them (such as baby bouncing seats or bicycles).

Toy Manufacturer Safety Obligations

Like all manufacturers, toy manufacturers have an obligation to make sure that their products are safe to use and warn consumers of potential hazards. Toy manufacturers must also follow special toy-industry laws designed to stop toy injuries. For example, manufacturers should include labels on packaging showing what age group the toy is appropriate for, which helps adults avoid buying age-inappropriate toys that could hurt a small child. Manufacturers must also warn toy buyers about potential choking, poisoning or other hazards. And on toys meant to be used without adult supervision, labels should be understandable by children in the appropriate age group.

Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t always follow these laws. Through a manufacturing accident, a flawed design or a missing or inappropriate warning label, hundreds of dangerous toys end up in children’s hands each year. When those dangerous toys kill or seriously harm a little one, their negligent manufacturers can and should be held legally responsible.

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