Featured Blog Article: DIY Accident Prevention

While the final figures are not in yet, a statistical projection by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that in the first quarter of this year 6,800 people died in motor vehicle crashes. Add in the number of people injured and the total will be in the millions. We’ve written before about things we expect business and government to do to increase highway safety (such as produce functional vehicles, repair road defects, enforce trucking regulations), as well as things we expect other drivers to do to protect our...

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Has Your Vehicle Been Recalled?

Over the years – but especially this year – there have been millions of vehicle recalls. So far in 2014, a record-breaking year, 26 million vehicles have been recalled by General Motors alone. In fact, recalls have been coming so...

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A Refresher In School Bus Safety

A peculiar accident on an Eastern Kentucky school bus has left the bus attendant hospitalized in critical condition and transportation authorities conducting an investigation. With school children recently returning to class and the big yellow buses resuming their routes, it’s...

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Asbestos In The Best Interest Of Whom?

I was appalled to read an August 12 AP news report about asbestos production in India being hailed as a form of social welfare, a way to save lives and elevate the living standards of some of the world’s poorest...

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Time For Shots

If you’re young and single, you may think I’m talking about those little glasses of vodka or whiskey meant to be downed in one quick swallow. If you’re a parent of school-aged children, you know I’m talking about back-to-school vaccinations,...

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Beware The UFO In Your Car


When we think injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident, we generally think of those caused by the impact from an outside force – another car or truck, or a tree or highway sign. We’re not surprised that some injuries...

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The July Effect

South Carolina Hospital Risks

You may never have heard of the July Effect. It’s not the crunchy sound brown grass makes when you walk across it. It’s not the glazed-over look of kids who have been playing video games since school let out. And...

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Top 10 States For Drunk Driving Fatalities

South Carolina DUI Injury Accident

They say you shouldn’t ask a fox to guard the hen house. But maybe that would be okay if you also had a mastiff, some alpacas, and a donkey, all with the goal of keeping the hens safe. The Foundation...

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Common Courtesy On The Highway

Accidents on Columbia, SC Interstates

Emily Post was the good manners guru of mid-20th century America. The etiquette expert of this century is Jacqueline Whitmore, author and frequent radio and TV talk-show guest. In 2002, Ms. Whitmore declared July to be National Cell Phone Courtesy...

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Hurricane Season Is Here


The official Atlantic hurricane season began June 1. That’s why the month of June is Hurricane Preparedness Month. In South Carolina, the first week of June was proclaimed Hurricane Awareness Week. Are you aware of the fact that this year...

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It’s Crunch Time

South Carolina ATV Accidents

“Crunch time” – that’s what they call the period from May through September, when ATV-related incidents are at their peak. ATVs have become increasingly popular; dealers reported sales of 228,305 new ATVs in 2013. Sadly, each year thousands of riders...

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