Featured Blog Article: Top 10 States For Drunk Driving Fatalities

They say you shouldn’t ask a fox to guard the hen house. But maybe that would be okay if you also had a mastiff, some alpacas, and a donkey, all with the goal of keeping the hens safe. The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR) operates under the same philosophy: “that collective action can have a greater impact than individual efforts.” The organization approaches the problem of alcohol abuse, combining the efforts of alcoholic beverage wholesalers and retailers (the foxes), law enforcement, public officials, educators, insurers, health care professionals and...

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Common Courtesy On The Highway

Accidents on Columbia, SC Interstates

Emily Post was the good manners guru of mid-20th century America. The etiquette expert of this century is Jacqueline Whitmore, author and frequent radio and TV talk-show guest. In 2002, Ms. Whitmore declared July to be National Cell Phone Courtesy...

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Hurricane Season Is Here


The official Atlantic hurricane season began June 1. That’s why the month of June is Hurricane Preparedness Month. In South Carolina, the first week of June was proclaimed Hurricane Awareness Week. Are you aware of the fact that this year...

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It’s Crunch Time

South Carolina ATV Accidents

“Crunch time” – that’s what they call the period from May through September, when ATV-related incidents are at their peak. ATVs have become increasingly popular; dealers reported sales of 228,305 new ATVs in 2013. Sadly, each year thousands of riders...

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The Perils Of Parasailing

Parasailing Injury SC

Approximately 3.8 million people enjoy the sport of parasailing each year, according to Parasail.org. It’s one of the fastest growing adventure sports, available at nearly all of the major coastline tourist areas. There are approximately 240 parasail companies in the...

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These Statistics Are Not Inflated

South Carolina Child's Safety

If you’re like most parents nowadays, you’re looking every year for something to make your child’s birthday party special. Pin the Tail on the Donkey gave way long ago to more adventurous activities, things like the increasingly popular bounce house,...

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South Carolina Zipline Safety

“They are spreading like fast-food hamburger joints.” That’s what Mike Teske told the Los Angeles Times, and he wasn’t talking about nail salons. Teske is the technical director for a zip line company, and he also heads a panel drafting...

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Placing A Value On Women’s Work

South Carolina Womens Safety

“Man may work from sun to sun, but woman’s work is never done.” You’ve probably heard this before . . . maybe from the mouth of your mother or wife. For personal injury lawyers, this is more than an adage....

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Why Women Are Distracting . . . I Mean Distracted

Columbia Accidents - Distracted Driving

According to Distraction.gov, 3,328 people died in distraction-affected crashes in 2012 and an estimated 421,000 were injured. These statistics include accidents caused by males and females, young and old, those texting and those tuning the radio. Since May is the...

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Systematic Injustice

South Carolina Prisons

I recently read an article in The Atlantic about a January 2014 ruling made by Judge J. Michael Baxley in Richland County state court. I’m including a link to that article here because I want you to have access to...

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FDA Cautions Against Some Laparoscopic Surgeries

South Carolina Surgical Complications

Laparoscopic surgeries – those done “robotically” through small incisions – have become preferred by doctors and patients in many instances, because they mean less time in the hospital, quicker recovery and minimal scarring. On April 14, 2014, however, the FDA...

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